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What folks are saying...

Paul has helped many wonderful actors and he is always grateful for the kind words that follow from his time with each exceptional artist. Below is a sampling of "thank-you's" from universities visited and his students.

Academic Accolades | Paul Russell's Studies for Actors Student Feedback

Academic Accolades:

"I just came from a class with my seniors and I expect your ears were burning for the last hour or so- they LOVED this weekend and all you gave them, so THANKS from me.

In just a few days, you had a big impact here!"


Fredrick J. Rubeck
Department Chair and
Professor of Performing Arts
Elon University


"Thank you for bringing your wisdom and advice to our students. I am so glad we were able to bring you back, and it is my wish to continue to do so."

Greg Hellems
Associate Professor - Acting/Musical Theatre
Wright State University


"You were able in a single weekend to plant the seeds that will both challenge and inspire my students... and you did it while keeping us laughing. A perfect model of the joy and hard work that comes with this profession.

A heartfelt thank you for all that you did!"

Kelly J. G. Bremner Ph.D.
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Theatre
Emory & Henry College


"Thank you for taking time out of your day to share with our membership your wisdom and humor!  It was a truly wonderful evening and I am so happy you've been brought into the SAG Foundation family.

If you are ever on the west coast, please let me know.  We'd be more than happy to host an evening with you there too! Also, thank you for the signed books, and for the shout out on Facebook and for...oh geez...just thank you!" 

Stacey Jackson
Director of Special Events
SAG Foundation


"Thank you so much for all your advice and insight at Emory & Henry. Your no-nonsense, direct, informed, and critical workshop was such an eye-opener.

I now see how to better train, dare, and prepare our students!"

Andrew Blasenak Ph.D.
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Theatre
Emory & Henry College


"Thank you! I know that the students received a lot of important information from you!

It was both humbling and invigorating for them. I will be doing all that I can to make sure they stay on top of all that you have taught them!

I hope that we can have you return again! I know that what you have to offer cannot be said enough.

I feel as if I cannot thank you enough, but thank you! "

Joseph Mason
Instructor | Musical Theatre / Dept of Theatre & Dance
Southeast Missouri State University


"It was great to have you here!  The students got a lot out of it and enjoyed getting to meet you.

I look forward to seeing you again soon." 

Cindy Melby Phaneuf, PhD
Isaacson Professor of Theatre
Department of Theatre
University of Nebraska - Omaha


"Thanks again for talking to my students.  They loved you! 

It was great meeting you, and we'd love to have you back as a featured speaker next year." 

James Ligon
Professor of Performing Arts
Montclair State University


"Paul, thank you so much for the master class you gave to the graduating MFA class at LSU. Your class and book have been the two most helpful resources I have come across in helping me navigating the often bewildering and nebulous world that is this industry.

Since moving to New York, I have put your suggestions and advice into practice. In just a few months I have been having tremendous results in terms of securing agents, meeting casting directors and booking roles! I attribute much of this success to the lessons I learned in ACTING: MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS and in your master class. You have saved me years of waisted time and thousands of dollars and for that I am deeply grateful. I highly recommend your class to actors and to acting programs. Thanks again!" 

Tim Moriarty
Louisiana State University



"Paul's lecture at Temple University was an incredibly informative session where he illustrated key points on how undergraduate theatre students such as myself can better prepare for successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Mr. Russell skillfully commanded an audience of almost 200 students and gave us invaluable tips and advice as to the realities of such a competitive profession." 

RJ Magee
Temple University


"Paul, thank you. Your master classses were a wonderful, eye-opening experience for the students, and we will most certainly be inviting you back in the future." 

Kenneth L. Stilson
Professor - Acting / Directing / Musical Theatre
Southeast Missouri State University


"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to see us at Elon. Your workshop gave me a lot of answers I didn't know I even had questions for.  I am so thankful to have had you here and I wish you the absolute best as you've given me nothing less than that.  A reminder to us all: Don't lose the child. Never lose the child." 

Sarah Nutt
Elon University


"We would love to have you back at UCO. You are a joy to have on campus and everyone always learns so much from you." 

Daisy Nystul
Chairperson, Dept. of Theatre Arts
University of Central Oklahoma


"I enjoyed our talks and certainly profited from your classes. We’ve already incorporated many of your suggestions in our “Audition” class. I do hope we can bring you back soon." 

Dr. Robert McGill
Associate Professor, Dept. of Theatre Arts
University of Central Oklahoma


"Of my positive experiences at Elon University standing out among them are your master classes. Your precise analysis of our materiels was only improved by the simultaneously frank, congenial, and encouraging attitude with which it was delivered. As a result of said advice, I now feel confident embarking upon my professional career" 

Logan T. Sutton
Elon University


"We are so grateful for the wisdom, experience, passion and compassion Paul brings to our students at NJSDA. Paul's book, ACTING Make It Your Business and his seminars provide two of the industries greatest resources for actors."

Beth Baur
Co- Director
New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts


"Thank you Paul. My students really appreciated the straight-forward, no nonsense knowledge about furthering their careers. They liked the idea that you did not sugar coat anything."

David Nuestein
Program Director
Jersey City Arts High School


Paul Russell's Studies For Actors | Student Feedback:

"I got called-back, met and signed with the team at Judy Boals Inc. today! I'm excited and hopeful about the possibilities ahead.

Thank you for your support, sharing your knowledge, and passionately encouraging us actors to continually put ourselves out there in the best way possible. Your class has inspired me to take charge of my goals and shamelessly promote myself! I finished my website, have got a system down for my mailings, and I'm setting up email marketing. I now have the tools to move forward confidently in my career and toward my dreams. Thanks for the road map! I am so grateful!"

Erica Camarano


"Your class has helped me tremendously. Thanks to your class I am now working with Margaret Emory from SW Artists! I've submitted to auditions using what I've learned and was called in for 1/3. In this industry and not being part of the union I'd say that's a success. Proud to say that I starred in my first full feature!"

Gonzalo Trigueros


"Paul helped me to see what I could do to improve my career.

He taught me skills, not gimmicks, and now I can show the world my professional appearance as it reflects my style and skills.

I'm thankful for his straight answers, insightful advice, and the constructive critiques that came from years of experience."

Joseph Christensen


"I cannot thank you enough for sharing all of your wisdom with us at Illinois Wesleyan! It was a life changing experience and I definitely look at the business of theatre in a whole new light. I feel like I can conquer the world and any audition after learning everything you taught us.

On Sunday, I applied some of your audition techniques, and it worked to my advantage - I got a callback! Afterwards, I went shopping in Chicago and got some new audition outfits. They are pretty spiffy! I just want to let you know I think very highly of you, and your passion for actors is really inspiring. Simply changing my scene made the world of a difference, and really showed that you cared and wanted me to succeed. The business needs more people like you! I really hope our paths cross again soon, and that we will stay in contact. You rock!"

Evan Dolan
Illinois Wesleyan University


"I absolutely loved your class, which I highly recommend to anyone. I learned so much in such a short time.

Since taking the class I have booked two more commercials, including one that I was directly called in for by the CD. I feel 100% more professional and goal orientated!"

Artie Brennan


"I'm STILL booking through About Artists Agency. All thanks to your master classes! Thank you!"

J. P. Groeninger


"You have this great ability to speak with authority and experience without coming off as a "know it all".

I wanted to say "Thanks!". I have learned quite a bit about marketing and have also been fortunate to develop friendships with all of my fellow classmates.

You make the environment safe which allows creativity and growth. You also give the actors an environment to make choices (right or wrong ones) and you make suggestions and ask questions which make us validate our acting choices and realize whether they are "safe choices" or honest ones.

The best thing for me, however, is that I have been able to meet and talk with you. I have, and continue to, read your posts and your blog. I have immense respect for what you do and the manner in which you do it. You seem to have the same "blue collar" work ethic and mentality towards the business that I do. While making money doing this career path would be great, doing great work is equally important.

So thanks for everything! I genuinely appreciate you and all that you continue to do. Thanks for your patience, compassion, sense of humor, honesty, wisdom, experience, and dedication to the Arts."


"My Barry Kolker interview went well. I signed.

As I've mentioned countless times, I greatly appreciate all that you do and all that you offer people. It's not just about the workshops or the book, but rather, you really inspire people to want to be the best for themselves and, in a great way, for you.

My only regret is that people don't take advantage of the opportunities that you present them."

Alex Dittmer


“I really don’t know how to say how grateful I am for everything over the past few weeks— thank you is not enough!

Big things will be heading my way and you’ll be the first to know about them all!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my career make-over.”

Kim Mead


"Since completing Access to Agents, I received a call-back to audition for Schiowitz, Connor, Ankrum & Wolf, followed by an interview, and the offer to sign with their agency!"

Thanks again for the insight and opportunity!!"

Michael Sample


"I just got a call from Independent Artists Agency and now I'm signed!!

I cannot thank you enough for all your help, understanding, support and kindness. You, sir, are a prince!

It’s refreshing to know that there’s someone out there who’s willing to go to bat for actors and who provides a supportive environment and the tools to help us succeed, or at least keep going with a sense of empowerment and positivity.

It’s hard to stay in this business and keep your sense of optimism, but you certainly make it ‘easier’. Thank you for all that you do and for the spirit of kindness that you do it with."

Christina Delaine


"From the two agencies that called me back I signed with The Mine. I love you Paul!

Thanks so much for all your wisdom, time and “inner monologues” guiding me in the right direction. As this was my first try to make a real go of it in NYC, this class was just what I needed to get inspired and get my ass in gear.

I’m truly taking all of your advice to heart and have already begun to make changes. I know with your voice in my ear, I’ll make the best choices. Thanks again!"

A'lisa Miles


"Thanks to you I jumped a huge hurdle which is representation!

Judy Boals Talent & Literary called me back and now I'm signed. Thank you."

Michael Givens


"Thank you very much for all the insights and guidance you gave me during our three weeks sessions.

Though your expertise and advice was excellent, what I shall remember most was your support, encouragement and honest appraisal of me – Jorge; not just my work but the ‘person’ you got to meet and experience. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

You were a lot of fun to be around—and your sense of humor is killer!!

Again, many thanks!

Jorge Hoyos


"I don't know if there are proper words to express my gratitude to you for your "tough love" approach to my career.

This business is full of shysters, con-artists and souls so jaded art will sadly never reach them; you however are the Real McCoy. Beneath your gruff exterior, staunch professionalism and hard-ass perfectionism is a charismatic, discerning and inspired genius. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the good sense to trust you...

Because of your sound (and at times dutifully painful) counsel, I now feel prepared to present myself to anyone, no matter the situation, with poise and confidence. You're an actor's dream.

With whatever comes of my career, in my life there are a handful of people whose enthusiasm and inspiration keep me going during the rough times, and I am honored to count you among those damn few."

Nicole PooleNicole Poole


"Thank you so much for referring me to Independent Artists Agency... It was wonderful meeting with them and even more wonderful signing with them!

Reading your book and taking your class has been invaluable. Thank you!"

Benjamin J. McHugh


"Thank you again for your wonderful seminar this past spring and let you know that I was called in by Dustin Flores with Judy Boals.

The work you do on the business side of acting is truly remarkable and needed by every actor. Just thought you should be commended for your hard work. Thanks a ton!"

Stephen Joshua Thompson


"I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful class!

I really appreciated the attention and work you put into helping us. And, just to reiterate, I also appreciated how supportive you were of everyone in the room especially when the truth might have been a hard pill to swallow.

Personally, I feel like I learned a lot and this class has definitely inspired me to step up my game in every aspect—from how I present myself physically to how I connect with people on paper to specificity in my scene work.

Thank you!”

Jean Goto


"Thanks to your advice in class, I was able to sign with the Judy Boals Agency.

I used your marketing techniques to send out a mailing and it took off from there!"

Michael St. John


ACTING: Paul makes it his business!

"One of the luckiest things I ever did was stumble upon Paul's book, ACTING: Make It Your Business.  His common-sense, no-nonsense approach to the acting business had me hooked by page one.  I was so inspired after the read that I sought out to contact him for private training. 

His knowledge of the industry, coupled with his teaching method for agent interviews landed me an interview with IAA (Independent Artists Agency) and the offer to sign! 

I cannot recommend his book, classes or expertise enough.  Thank you, Paul!" 

Josh Rhett Noble


"Thank you so much for your time, honesty, guidance, and encouragement during the Access to Agents seminar.

I now have a more realistic perspective about the business and an intelligent business plan that will produce results I want for my career.

Never have I felt as satisfied with an investment of time and money as I feel about your class. I will be recommending your book, blog, and seminars to every actor I know!

I wish you all the best!"

Stephanie Caird


“Thank you for working with me in your Access to Agents class. I learned a lot about marketing, obviously, but I was also very impressed with your perceptive notes you gave to everybody’s scene (including mine).

Your class was a helpful blend of business and creativity.

All my best wishes for your continued success!”

Michael Sean McGuinness


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book and your class. Learning the little tricks, tips and ins/outs of the business has helped me to feel back in control of my own career.

Your direction and insight has truly empowered and inspired me! My confidence in myself and my craft is back and better than ever and I feel like I can take on the world! Kind of crazy I got all of that from just a book and in a four week class but I did – and I have you to thank for that.

It was an absolute pleasure to have met and have briefly worked with you. I certainly hope our paths may cross again soon! Thank you again so much for everything!!!"

Katie Martin


"We actors meet so many coaches and enablers along our journey but you are someone who will always stand out for your sincere support for us.

I found you by way of Twittergate because of how you stood up behind the actors. But I was so surprised between all your b’yotchin about typos and Special Skills to learn how truly sweet and caring you were towards us.

In the three short weeks you also turned us into a supportive group and towards each other. I honestly rooted for my “classmates” as much as I did for myself on the agent night. What could have easily been a competitive pressure environment you somehow made into a bonding experience. I will never forget your encouraging face behind Nicole, the reader. It meant so much. My feedback from the agents was spot on AND motivating… and I’ve got serious PRC tools to work with!

Thank you again for being so concerned and caring with us all. It means the world!"

Tara Casatuta


"Thank you so much for your time and insight over the past month. I certainly learned more about the “business” over the past four weeks than I did in any other class I’ve attended.

Thank you also for your supportive comments and insight on my scene. I hope our paths cross again soon."

Perryn Pomatto


"I can’t begin to express how much I enjoyed your class. I now have the tools I need to continue to pursue my goals and the agency (Independent Artists) to boot!

Thank you so very much for your insight, your encouragement, and your recommendation."

Crystal Kellogg


"After years of being an aimless actor I’m thankful for your seminar and its motivating effects.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before the seminar and was extremely pleased to find someone who wasn’t just cashing a check in the name of networking. Your desire to help actors is evident to all and if I may speak for many others, we very much appreciate it.

I’ve enclosed a small token of my appreciation. I hope it motivates you as you have motivated me. As an actor, I would selfishly prefer that you stick to dispensing show-biz wisdom until the cows come home.

Thanks again and best wishes."

Trey Zeigler


"You deserve a thank you!

You have opened my eyes to so much with your class and your book and I am so eager and excited for what my future may hold for me!

Your light-hearted and matter-of-fact approach to this industry has made the journey before me appear less daunting. Thank you for your time, your advice and encouragement!"

Erin Kelly Phillips


"I can't thank you enough!! You took me from being a lost actor to an actor on my way!! Your honest, vast knowledge and experience, accompanied by your pure desire to help actors works miracles!!!

I'm honored to have had you help me help myself! Your book is now my Bible, and you my friend are my savior... Looking forward to working with you again!"

Maurice Philip


"What a great investment it was taking your Access to Agents intensive.

I learned so much from your experience and advice. And I have no doubt it helped me make a positive impression on the agents.

I will continue classes to improve my skills. This relative novice was heartened by your positive feedback and the agents’ advice. Thanks so much!"

Sheila Collins


"Your Access to Agents class was really a wonderful experience. Between your book, your guidance, your staff and the high quality agents you bring in, it’s really an amazing opportunity.

The knowledge I've gained from your class was afresh perspective on the business. I really appreciate your honesty and guidance. It was just the honesty I needed at this point in my career.

With my new found wisdom and confidence I look forward to seeing you again at the audition table. Thanks!"


"I received a call from Schiowitz, Connor, Ankrum and Wolf Talent Agency (who were on your panel). The call was for a representation audition next week. This is such a wonderful opportunity for me and I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and positivity during your class."

Jason Rosoff


"I cannot thank you enough for everything I learned from you!

Your honest insight is a thing to be valued in this business and I am incredibly grateful for it. Your devotion to giving actors the tools that they need to advance their careers is not only refreshing but deeply appreciated. I hope to work with you again one day. Thank you for everything!"

Blaire Whitney


"In this crazy world of show business it is a great comfort to know and work with people like you. People who take time to help others. People who share their knowledge. People who sincerely want others to succeed.

Thank you for giving me the kick-in-the-pants I needed. From your seminar I will take with me much valuable information that will only help me in my journey."

Jarrett Mallon


"I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom, your advice, and most of all – your “tough love” approach.

Some things are difficult to hear but I think those are the things that will move one forward if listening and I really value the fact that you were honest and blunt with all of us in the class.

Your class has helped me in so many ways!"

Daniele Carrol


"I wanted to thank you for your time and support during our meetings over the past three weeks.

It’s wonderful that you could take time our of your busy schedule to meet with young actors like myself who feel they might need a little mentoring to really give them a competitive edge. Your advice was invaluable, and I am recommending your book to all my friends.

I look forward to taking another one of your workshops and meeting you again soon!"

Joel Pellini


"I just wanted to thank you for such an insightful seminar. The combination of your book and our discussions in class were so helpful to me and I cannot thank you enough for instilling a strong sense of professionalism into my work as an actor.

I really appreciated your honesty in our scene and song work. Since I started your book I have recommended it to other actors as well as old professors in hopes they will pass it along to future students!

Overall I just want to thank you again and I hope to see you in the future."

Melody Goodell


From an NYU student:

"Thanks for all the hard tests. Thanks for the extra homework. Thanks for the critical glares, the sassy remarks, and all the rest of it.

In all sincerity Paul, it has been a real pleasure getting to know you this semester. I can’t imagine what I would have done without taking a business class like yours, and I consider myself lucky to have had you for a teacher. The knowledge you imparted to us in class and in your book has already proved effective, and I’m sure it will continue to do so throughout our careers.

Thank you for the tough love; it encourages us to go the extra mile as actors in this business, which as we discovered, is the only way to make it.

Thank you so much, again."

Jeremy B.


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the tools and boundless encouragement you gave me and the class. I have grown so much as an actor in these past four weeks and as a savvy businesswoman.

Even though sometimes I had to taste a lemon before the lemonade, I have a new and more positive outlook on auditioning, the business and the people involved. You have become such a good and wonderful person in my life (without you probably knowing it) and I know a lot of people thank you everyday. But this has been such a great experience.

Thank you. You rock!”

Stephanie Gould


"Thank you for the time and attention you've given me over the past four weeks. My confidence in regard to submission materials has risen dramatically... I'll be a force to be reckoned with."


"Hey Paul,
Just wanted you to know, since I've upgraded my submission materials I've been called in by: Stephanie Klapper, The Wilma Theatre, and The Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Oh, I booked the Actors Theatre of Louisville gig.


Justin Holcomb


"Thank you so much for all of your helpful and insightful words of wisdom, guidance and advice. After reading your book and taking your class, I feel so much more prepared to market myself in this competitive industry.

I appreciated both your honesty about the business and your willingness to help actors gain the tools to improve.

I was actually thankful to have been chosen for the hot seat on the agent interview day because – while it was tough – I now feel better prepared to go in for an interview.

For me, your class was a bit like being given the recipe to the secret sauce and I’ve recommended both your book and the class to my students and friends. I really hope more people will take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Thank you so much!"

Katie Irene Powell


"When Chris Lucas told me to buy your book, I immediately did so. I read each chapter with amazement of how blunt you were. You treated your reader with enough respect to tell us the truth as you see it.

After finishing, I went to your web site and saw that you offered various classes. The Access to Agents seminar piqued my interest but I couldn’t attend during the summer so I passed on word to my brother, Isaac, who took one of the summer seminars and had nothing but good things to say about it.

I am glad I was finally able to take the class. It was a perfect companion to your book. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I don’t know where my road as an actor will take me, but having learned from you, I don’t feel lost on that road. I hope to work with you again."

Sam Carl Platizky


"I think what you do for actors is very admirable. Auditioning for the agents at the end of your Access to Agents class was really just a perk. The real benefit for me was the feedback and advice from you.

Tough though encouraging, your advice is straight-forward and honest; a rare gift in the industry. Thank you for that. I am a better actor for it."

Marianna Caldwell


"Where to begin? I would like to thank you for all of your help, guidance, advice and tough love over these last few weeks. I feel that I have a better grasp on what I need to do in order keep climbing in this business.

Thank you also for creating a much-appreciated warm and nurturing environment. I will continue to work hard and can’t wait to see you again very soon."

Marc Ginsberg


“Thank you so much for everything! The class was well worth the investment in myself and in the invaluable information that you have to offer!

I feel empowered and better equipped to take on the world!

You and your staff are fantastic and I greatly appreciate all the help!”

Monica Rounds


"Thanks for another great seminar! I loved meeting more wonderful, like-minded artists, amping up my marketing skills, and having an opportunity to show my work to agencies. Keep up the good work Mr. Russell!

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing you and working together in the future."

Amanda Gillian Bloom


"Thank you for all your help and insight over the course of our class. You've really helped me sharpen my 'tool belt', as well as make a few additions.

It was very rewarding (and reassuring) working with a casting director who also has a keen eye for the acting process itself. Again, thank you... I look forward to working with you again."

Alex Hayes


"I’m so thankful to have walked away with a plethora of new tools to help me on my journey!

My original intent was just to land a new agent, but it quickly became the the least of my worries as I learned so much more! The information you’ve shared is so valuable!

Thank you for being so candid, accessible, actor-friendly and truly a champion!"

Christine H.


"Thanks for everything. I knew nothing and I mean nothing about the selling yourself side of the “biz”. I have a Masters Degree now!"

Vic Terenzio


"Thank you for our class. I learned so much from it that I am finding useful with my music, as well as getting my presentation together properly with regards to finding an acting agent.

I did buy your book, which I think is fab. The thing I have found regarding our class is it has not only helped me with my career in ways, but also on a day-to-day level in life, which is something I didn't expect !"

Rochelle Vincente K


"Thank you so very much for everything. Your class and your book has truly lit a fire under me to get my career moving forward.

I want to especially thank you for your “good news / bad news” feedback on my scene. It meant a great deal to me.

Thank you for getting me fired up about promoting myself. Thank you too for your feedback on the scene work and for helping me refine my web site. You are the best!

I hope to see you again soon."

Maureen van Trease


"I just wanted to thank you again for the Access to Agents seminar. I learned so much in the past four weeks that I didn't even know about.

As someone like me who is just trying to get her feet on the ground in this business and figure out where to start, this class is probably one of best things that happened. I really appreciate that you take time out to help us out and tell us the do's and dont's. There arent that many "generous" people out there, so I really am grateful.

Thank you so much again!"

Maggie Murphy


"Thank you for your workshop Access to Agents. I truly believe you have helped me become a more marketable actor."

Isaac Platizky


"In a business where all to often coy rules the day, your bluntness is refreshing, instructive & offers clear action as a way to break through the gatekeepers and work."

Yvonne Roen


"Thank you so much for such an awesome experience. You are an awesome teacher and a really cool guy! Thanks again."

Mark Armstrong


"I can't express how grateful I am for all your help and advice. Thank you so much for being genuinely interested in advancing actors' careers!"

Dina Kozhakhmetova


"Your class has made me a better actor. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I hope to work with you again."

Ryan Gilreath


"I want to thank you for your classes and your book. Both have been so helpful and now I know the proper tools to use in the industry and for my growth as an artist."

Stephanie LaCapra


"Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail during our coachings. You opened up my eyes to some pitfalls I was falling into that I never realized could hurt me. I believe your insights will help me immensely as I move forward in the acting world."

Michael Hadary


"I’m so thankful for your teaching Access to Agents, and also meeting with me for a private talk.

I can’t wait to see you again, and hope to work with you soon."

Brandon Marilee Williams


"I want to express my many thanks for teaching me the right way to do my ‘business’ materials. I have learned a great deal."

Jason John Arena


"It was so nice meeting you and getting to know you a bit over these past few weeks! I really appreciated your honesty and frankness.

I learned a lot of practical, useful information to continue taking me forward in this business. I seriously felt so lost and out of my element when I first got to NY. Now at least I have somewhere to start.

You are a doll.

I hope our paths cross again."

Diana Beshara


"Thank you for your frank advice and the opportunity to do my work in a nurturing environment.

Your class is great and I will definitely recommend it to my peers.

John Biles


"Thank you for your time and attention this past month in your Access to Agents class.

Your insights to “the other side of the table” were invaluable. I now know more about what unique things I can offer as an actor as well as what areas to work on."

Robin Fusco


"Thank you so much for having an informative and plain fun Access to Agents workshop! I’m definitely making my girlfriend take your musical theater class in the fall.

I’ve really revolutionized my marketing now. Thanks again for all the words of wisdom."

Josh Odsess-Rubin


"The Access to Agents class was wonderful! I learned a ton!

I am grateful for the time and energy you commit to educating actors in all areas of the business. Thank you!!!"

Sina Lewis


"I really had a blast in your class!

It was a pleasant re-introduction to NYC. Thanks again for everything."

Christopher Davis Carlisle


"The ‘flower” of the casting world award belongs to you.

Thanks for your support and wonderful energy."

Laurel Lockhart


"Thank you for a great Access to Agents class.

The marketing make-over was very helpful and informative, as was the opportunity to work on and present a scene to the agents.

Wishing you the best with all your pursuits and good health as always."

Sean Gormley


"Thank you so much for the valuable learning experience of your Access to Agents class.

It was great to meet and work with you."

Jenny Donoghue


"Thank you for all the helpful advice and the opportunity to share my talent with you and the three agents you invited.

Not only have I learned how to better market myself, I have increased my network. Thanks again!"

Kevin Howard, Jr.


"To say ‘thank you’ and ‘blah, blah, blah…’ really can’t sum up how much I truly appreciate your efforts.

Regardless of the outcome of the auditions… I am very happy to know you. As I’ve said before, you are a dear sweet man."

Tracy Gross


"Thank you so much for all of your advice and work throughout the process of this course.

You kept things fun, interesting and informative! The agent showcase was a great experience!"

Daniel Hines


"Thanks so much for such a wonderful class. I learned a lot and have a lot to work on.

Overall it was a great experience and I would be interested in another class."

Rebecca Greenberg


"Thank you so much for offering the Access to Agents seminar. I learned so much in participating a second time.

I can’t say enough as to how grateful I am for your feedback and guidance. I feel I’ve not only improved my business skills in the industry but also my acting skills as well.

Thanks again for everything!"

Victoria Negri


"Can't thank you enough for being so nice....

and for being so honest! The advice, tips and guidance I received at Access to Agents was invaluable.

Truly, THANK YOU for the time you gave us. Not only do I have a new view of 'the biz' but also of my biz 'Daria Corp!'"

Daria DeGaetano


"Thank you for being such and honest, informed and awesome teacher!

The information I learned in your class was invaluable. I hope our paths cross again soon.'"

Sara Pauley


"I had a great time in your class and I learned a lot.

I hope we can meet again soon!"

Maureen Chandler Reid


"Can't thank you enough for your guidance, Paul!

The last few weeks have been amazing-I have learned SO much!!

You Rock!!"

Lyn Kagen

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