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Fred Rubeck - Elon University - Paul Russell

Author of the arts, director and casting director Paul Russell has assisted actors to better their audition room skills, and excel in modern actor marketing and branding with his master classes on campuses including: 

Elon University
Wright State University
Louisiana State University
Temple University
Yale University
The University of the Arts
Rutgers University
Montclair State University
James Madison University

Oakland University
Illinois Wesleyan University
Coastal Carolina University
Northeastern University
Florida Southern College
Emory & Henry College
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Nebraska - Omaha

Paul Russell @ Florida Southern University
(Paul Russell @ Florida Southern University)


A 3-day master class series covers:

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University
(Leading Actor Marketing Class
@ Illinois Wesleyan University)

  • Modern digital marketing for the actor while upgrading traditional marketing

  • Audition room technique utilizing current casting sides from screen projects

  • Branding for the actor

  • Dressing to match the actor’s type for agent meetings, auditions & graduating showcase

  • Interview strategies for when meeting directors, casting, and talent agents

  • Mock auditions that mirror actual auditions-by-appointment in LA & NY

Breakdown: (downloadable PDF version available)

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University
(The Fail File - Screenshot)

SESSION 1:        ACTING: Make It Your Business - Importance of Professional Relationships & Marketing

In a casual overview this welcome session to students focuses on the actor's image in the industry and professional relationship-skills needed to engage agents, directors and casting. Includes: a mock-interview demonstration with one or more of the attendees; poor and high-quality actor marketing materials from files; and an open Q & A on the industry.

Duration:              90 - 120 mins.

Attendees:           Open to all performing arts students & faculty

Requirements:    White projection area, table, and electrical outlets.

SESSION 2:        Actor Marketing – Modern Digital Actor Marketing & Improving Traditional Techniques

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University
(The Fail File - Screenshot)

Effective actor web sites, email campaigns and leveraging social media and the digital revolution to an actor’s advantage are detailed. In addition; attendee hard-copy submissions (pictures, resumes and cover letters) are reviewed and critiqued to meet industry standards in New York and Los Angeles. Homework assignments include: Digital & hardcopy submissions. Identifying an actor’s brand and type through attire for general auditions and casting interviews.

Duration:              4 hours (1 hour follow-up the next day)

Attendees:           Seniors - 20 max.

Requirements:    Wi-Fi, white projection area, table, and electrical outlets

SESSION 3:        Audition Technique - Getting the Job

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University
(Working with Actors on Audition Technique
@ Oakland University)

Utilizing actual audition scenes—from current screen and theatrical projects—the student actors ‘audition’ then receive direct feedback and suggestions for improvement on their audition process. Students access scene sides via on a private web page for your program.

Duration:              4 hours (3 - 4 hour follow-up the next day)

Attendees:           Seniors - 20 max.

Requirements:    Adaptable space for auditions

SESSION 4:        Audition Technique - Follow-up

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University
(Last Day Working with the Actors
of Illinois Wesleyan University)

A follow-up session to audit students’ improvement on: using the audition room effectively, text analysis, and dressing right for type. Wrap-up Q&A.

Duration:              3 - 4 hours

Attendees:           Seniors - 20 max.

Requirements:    Adaptable space for auditions

Master Class visit length:

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University

Universities invite Paul to visit for 3 - 4 days, often over a weekend with multiple classes per day.

Master Class affordable:

Paul's visits are very affordable. And competitive. Department chairs have noted the return reaped from Paul's visit with students and faculty far outweigh the modest investment.

Fee for Master Classes outside of the NY metro region: Transportation, and stipend. Overnight accommodations. Contact Paul for stipend rate

Fees for Master Classes within the NY metro region (includes Philadelphia): Transportation reimbursement, and stipend. Contact Paul for stipend rate




"I just came from a class with my seniors and I expect your ears were burning for the last hour or so- they LOVED this weekend and all you gave them, so THANKS from me. We will want to bring you back again.

In just a few days, you had a big impact here - so tell those NYU students to appreciate what they have in you - We certainly do!"

Fredrick J. Rubeck
Department Chair and
Professor of Performing Arts
Elon University

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to see us at Elon.

"...thank you for coming and teaching your master classes at Illinois Wesleyan. It was probably one of the most intensive things I've ever done and was definitely worthwhile. Right now I have twenty-two pages of notes and a fifteen minute recording from your lessons! ...these are probably some of the best notes I've taken all year." 

Julia Chicchino
Illinois Wesleyan University

"It was a terrifically productive workshop for us it bodes well for future classes and work with you.

The media workshop alone was worth the price of admission!"

George Judy
Head, Master of Fine Arts / Acting
Department of Theatre
Louisiana State University

"Paul's lecture at Temple University was an incredibly informative session where he illustrated key points on how undergraduate theatre students such as myself can better prepare for successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Mr. Russell skillfully commanded an audience of almost 200 students and gave us invaluable tips and advice as to the realities of such a competitive profession."

RJ McGee
Temple University

"Thank you for bringing your wisdom and advice to our students. I am so glad we were able to bring you back, and it is my wish to continue to do so."

Greg Hellems
Associate Professor - Acting/Musical Theatre
Wright State University

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing all of your wisdom with us at Illinois Wesleyan! It was a life changing experience and I definitely look at the business of theatre in a whole new light. I feel like I can conquer the world and any audition after learning everything you taught us.

On Sunday, I applied some of your audition techniques, and it worked to my advantage - I got a callback! I just want to let you know I think very highly of you, and your passion for actors is really inspiring. Simply changing my scene made the world of a difference, and really showed that you cared and wanted me to succeed. The business needs more people like you! I really hope our paths cross again soon, and that we will stay in contact. You rock!"

Evan Dolan
Illinois Wesleyan University

"Thank you! I know that the students received a lot of important information from you!

It was both humbling and invigorating for them. I will be doing all that I can to make sure they stay on top of all that you have taught them!

I hope that we can have you return again! I know that what you have to offer cannot be said enough. I feel as if I cannot thank you enough, but thank you!

Joseph W. Mason
Instructor | Musical Theatre
Department of Theatre & Dance
Southeast Missouri State University

"It was great to have you here!  The students got a lot out of it and enjoyed getting to meet you.

I look forward to seeing you again soon." 

Cindy Melby Phaneuf, PhD
Isaacson Professor of Theatre
Department of Theatre
University of Nebraska - Omaha

"Paul, and thank you. It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience for the students, and we will most certainly be inviting you back in the future."

Kenneth L. Stilson, Professor
Acting/Directing/Musical Theatre
Department of Theatre & Dance
Southeast Missouri State University

"It was wonderful having you visit with our students here at UCO. I look forward to seeing you again."

Daisy Nystul, Chair
Department of Theatre Arts
University of Central Oklahoma

"Thanks again for talking to my students.  They loved you! 

It was great meeting you, and we'd love to have you back as a featured speaker next year." 

James Ligon
Professor of Performing Arts
Montclair State University

"I enjoyed our talks and certainly profited from your classes. We’ve already incorporated many of your suggestions in our “Audition” class. I do hope we can bring you back soon."

Dr. Robert McGill, Professor
Department of Theatre Arts
University of Central Oklahoma

"We are so grateful for the wisdom, experience, passion and compassion Paul brings to our students at NJSDA. Paul's book, ACTING Make It Your Business and his seminars provide two of the industries greatest resources for actors."

Beth Bauer
Co- Director
New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts

"Thank you for taking time out of your day to share with our membership your wisdom and humor!  It was a truly wonderful evening and I am so happy you've been brought into the SAG Foundation family.

If you are ever on the west coast, please let me know.  We'd be more than happy to host an evening with you there too! Also, thank you for the signed books, and for the shout out on Facebook and for...oh geez...just thank you!" 

Stacey Jackson
Director of Special Events
SAG Foundation

"Thanks so much for coming to Wright State again this year to work with us. I hope Joe Deer invites you back for years to come--your expertise and advise is invaluable I feel like a pro now as I enter the "real world"!"

Ian Benjamin
Wright State University

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to see us at Elon.

Your workshop gave me a lot of answers I didn't know I even had questions for.  I am so thankful to have had you here and I wish you the absolute best as you've given me nothing less than that.  A reminder to us all: Don't lose the child. Never lose the child." 

Sarah Nutt
Elon University

"Thank you Paul. My students really appreciated the straight-forward, no nonsense knowledge about furthering their careers. They liked the idea that you did not sugar coat anything."

David Nuestein
Program Director
Jersey City Arts High School

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