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FOOTLOOSE - Plays in the Park: Paul Russell, director

Oliver - Barter Theatre


"FOOTLOOSE is not an easy show since it demands strong acting as well as energetic dancing and good voices.

Director Paul Russell has done well."


The Star Ledger


Director's notes...


Love. Fear. Insecurity. Acceptance.



Footloose: not a simplistic story about a ban on dancing. I discovered a personal connection, a familiar tale of people coping with change, having beliefs challenged and/or questioned, and acceptance of things new. Having been a transplant myself, many, many times into numerous small town communities across this country, several being my own Bomont (the fiction town for Footloose) I know these people. I know them well. The citizens of Bomont grab me. Most prominently Reverend Moore and Ren. My interest was further peaked by the personal survival stories of Ethel and Vi, and the frustration and loneliness of Ariel.

Occassionally convictions and values believed righteous and correct by the holders take errant paths guided by love, fear and insecurity. My path with Footloose was to explore how cemented conviction can be restructured by one word: acceptance.





Plays in the Park:


Sound Design: Chris Wooley; Lighting Design: Roman Kilma; Costumes, CIndy Capraro, Set Design: Gary Cohen; Projections; Paul Russell; Stage Manager: DIna O'Brien; Musical Director: Joe Elefante; Choreographer: Bernadette Baron; Director: Paul Russell; Producing Artistic Director: Gary Cohen


Ren: Billy Piscopo; Ariel: Samantha Hahn; Rev. Moore: Bruce Clough; Vi Moore: Susan Dougherty; Ethel McCormick: Nancy McBride; Willard: Adam Arnold; Chuck: Jon Rua; Rusty: Erica Wilpon; Urleen: Cassie Carelli; Wendy Jo: Kimberly Apadula; Wes: Howard Fisher; Lulu: Barbara Hendrickson; Eleanor: Jen Hanselman; Coach Dunbar: Kent Sweeney; Betty Blast: Melissa Derfler; Principal Clark: Victor Miller; Irene: Robyn Bloom

Company: Russell Pinto, Marc Schlesinger, Jeff Fiorello, Jason Grauerholtz, Blake Segal, Heather Favretto, Joe Furio, Jarret Lipman, Michael Bellini, Daniel McGuire, Danielle Mondi, Casey Muha, Jason Noah, Anthony Ong, Christina Rak & Beth Tarnow



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