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Questions are always welcomed. With the mass of messages received not all are answered as quickly as this web site's namesake desires. Solving this; below are some often received popular questions followed by answers. If there is a quandary you have feel welcome to put your thoughts to font via the contact page.

What level of actor, benefits from classes with Paul?
Actors of all caliber and experience have participated in Paul’s classes. Including: Actors with Broadway and/or screen credits who desire a fresh perspective on their goals; journeymen actors seeking audition technique assistance and/or new avenues of marketing themselves to industry; and actors relatively new to the business who are seeking guidance.
Where are Paul’s classes held?
All classes based in New York are held in mid-town Manhattan at modern, clean facilities with security and elevator access.
Does Paul hold classes outside of New York?
Yes, at the invitation of universities, arts organizations and performing arts schools. For information on Paul's visiting Master Classes click here.
Class/Student Cancellation Policy:
Series reservations which have been secured by payment but require a postponement by the student and/or instructor are credited towards a future class of equal stature, within six months of the original class.

If a student is absent for any of the sessions during a series, the missed session(s) are forfeited by the participant.

If a student on an installment plan fails to maintain the fee schedule and does not fulfill requests for missed payments all prior monies are forfeited. No refunds. All sales final.
How does PRC announce casting?
Paul Russell Casting casts primarily from files, through recommendations and via submissions requested of franchised talent agents. On some projects our office will pursue beyond these resources and extend outreach via the internet, this web site and leading trade publications.
Can I submit myself electronically?
Only if Paul Russell Casting requests an electronic submission. Otherwise we welcome and review all actor submissions sent to our office via the postal system.
Does Paul Russell Casting accept and/or open unsolicited recorded materials?

No. Why? Unfortunately there’s not enough time or resources to review the deluge of unsolicited materials received. With regard to our desire, and respect, for actors to spare and dispense their valuable resources effectively we ask actors only send us digital materials when requested.

How do I become a reader for auditions held by Paul Russell Casting?
Our reader policy is that we must trust the reader more so than the people who are coming in to audition for our projects. We want a reader that is supportive of those auditioning. In order to ensure such we utilize actors as readers -- who have either in the past -- been cast in our projects or have excelled in call-backs.
Is Paul as blunt in person as he is in his writings?
Only if he calls you friend. To strangers or those he doesn’t care for; he’s painfully polite.


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