Classes - Paul Russell's Studies for Actors

"Paul Russell's constructive criticism, and reality of the acting profession
is uniquely detailed and incredibly truthful."

-- BERNARD TELSEY, casting director
(NBC's Peter Pan - Live!, Wicked,
Sex & The City: The Movie)

Paul has taught actors for the NYU-Tisch program and on college campuses including: Yale, Temple, Rutgers, Elon, James Madison University, Southeastern Missouri State University, Louisiana State University, University of Central Oklahoma, The University of The Arts and Northeastern University.


Access To Agents - Master Class (nyc)
Paul Russell's one-of-a-kind, 4-week NYC master master class is based on the collegiate classes he shares yearly with MFA & BFA programs. Paul's insight opens doors for actors...

The New York master class culminates with actors presenting individual scenes before an agent panel providing each actor feedback on their improvements....

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Affordable classes. Anywhere. Virtually Anytime!
Career Counseling, Audition Assistance, and/or Actor Marketing brought to you wherever & whenever you wish.

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Private Classes & Coaching
Acting Career growth and/or Audition Assistance One on One with Paul in person!

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Master Classes - Universities & Arts Organizations
Single or Multiple Classes covering a broad range of topics from Actor Marketing to Audition Technique. For Schools & Arts Organizations Only.

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what people are saying...

"You have this great ability to speak with authority and experience without coming off as a 'know it all.

You make the environment safe which allows creativity and growth. Thank you!"


"This business is full of shysters, con-artists and souls so jaded
art will sadly never reach them;
you however are the Real McCoy.

Beneath your gruff exterior, staunch professionalism and hard-ass perfectionism is a charismatic,
discerning and inspired genius."


"I really don’t know how to say how grateful I am for everything over the past few weeks— thank you is not enough!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my career make-over.”



Access To Agents | THE MASTER CLASS (nyc)



Master Class - NYC

4-Week Master Class
Advancing Actors

Paul Russell's one-of-a-kind, 4-week NYC master master class is based on the collegiate classes he shares yearly with MFA & BFA programs. 10 actors only per NYC series. Paul's month-long workshop opens doors for many actors...

Access to Agents master class with Paul Russell


A 4-week NYC master class series covers:

  • Modern digital marketing for the actor while upgrading traditional marketing that is true to your individuality

  • Audition room technique to take command of the room utilizing current casting sides from screen projects

  • Branding for the actor

  • Dressing to match the actor’s type for agent meetings, and general auditions

  • Interview strategies for when meeting directors, casting, and talent agents

  • An agent panel providing individual feedback to each actor

Universities at which Paul Russell teaches
this NYC Master Class

Elon University
Wright State University
Louisiana State University
Temple University
Yale University
The University of the Arts
Rutgers University
Montclair State University
James Madison University

Oakland University
Illinois Wesleyan University
Coastal Carolina University
Northeastern University
Florida Southern College
Emory & Henry College
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Nebraska - Omaha

Paul Russell @ Florida Southern University
(Paul Russell @ Florida Southern University)


What actors & agents are saying...


"Paul helped me to see what I could do to improve my career.

He taught me skills, not gimmicks, and now I can show the world my professional appearance as it reflects my style and skills.

I'm thankful for his straight answers, insightful advice, and the constructive critiques that came from years of experience"

Joseph Christensen - nyc actor


"Never have I felt as satisfied
with an investment of time and money
as I feel about your class.

I will be recommending your seminars to every actor I know!

I now have a more realistic perspective about the business
and an intelligent business plan
that will produce results I want for my career."

Stephanie Caird - nyc actor



"Thanks Paul for a great seminar.
We’re calling in seven of the actors…"

Judy Boals - Judy Boals, Inc - A Talent & Literary Agency.



"Your class has helped me tremendously.

Thanks to your class I am now working
with one of the attending agents!

Proud to say that I starred in my first full feature!"

Gonzalo Trigueros - nyc actor


Workshop Leader

Paul Russell
(Paul Russell Casting, Director, Author)

April 2015 Panel
(subject to change)

Ken Melamed
(Talent Agency Owner / Agent -
Bret Adams, Ltd. Artists Agency)

Bernadette McBrinn
(Senior Legit Agent - Avalon Artists Group;
a bi-coastal agency)

Meg Pantera
(Talent Agency Owner - The Meg Pantera Agency)

All guest advisers cover TV, film, and theater with clients cast as principals in major-studio projects and on Broadway. Agents are franchised by Screen Actors' Guild-AFTRA and Actors' Equity Association to represent talent.


Class Curriculum (NYC)

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University
(The Fail File - Screenshot)

WEEK 1: Actor Marketing – Modern Digital Actor Marketing & Improving Traditional Techniques

Effective actor web sites, email campaigns and leveraging social media and the digital revolution to an actor’s advantage are detailed. In addition; attendee hard-copy submissions (pictures, resumes and cover letters) are reviewed and critiqued to meet industry standards in New York and Los Angeles. Homework assignments include: Digital & hardcopy submissions. Identifying an actor’s brand and type through attire for general auditions and casting interviews.

WEEK 2: Audition Technique - Getting the Job

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University
(Working with Actors on Audition Technique
@ Oakland University)

Utilizing actual audition scenes—from current screen and theatrical projects—Paul and his assistant work with each actor with Paul focusing on how to command an audition room; demonstrate what moves actors forward in the audition process leading to booking a job; text analysis; and the most important moment of an audition that actors are unaware exists. In addition, Paul begins assisting the actor to define their physical and emotional brand, i.e. what makes each actor excel individually.

Homework from the prior week is corrected.

WEEK 3: Audition Technique & Branding Follow-up & Interview Strategies

Paul Russell @ Illinios Wesleyan University(Last Day Working with the Actors
of Illinois Wesleyan University)

A follow-up session to audit improvement on: using the audition room effectively, text analysis, and dressing right for type. Interview strategies are demonstrated. Wrap-up Q&A preparing the actor for the agent panel.

WEEK 4: The Agent Panel Showcase & Feedback

Paul and his assistant ready the actor prior to the agent panel's arrival. Once the agents arrive a 15 - 20 min. Q & A begins. After the town hall discussion each actor is brought back into the audition studio to present the scene Paul has coached for the actor.

At the end of the evening individual feedback provided by the agents is read to each actor. A wrap-up Q & A with Paul and his assistant follows.

Master Class affordable - Rate:

(Leading Actor Marketing Class
@ Illinois Wesleyan University)

Discounted Rate: (Expires 3/13/15) $54 per class (On-time payment of $216)


EZ-PAY INSTALLMENTS: 4 payments of $68.50 ($272. total) After paying the first installment, each remaining installment will be invoiced and due March 24th, 31st, and April 7th.

How to Register:
  • Chose your series choice (Mondays or Tuesdays). Each series receives the same information and attention.
  • Secure your position by either choosing the installment plan or via the discount rate. Payments are made via our verified, secure server.



Where (classes):


"I'm STILL booking
through About Artists Agency.
All thanks to your master classes!

Thank you!"

J.P. Groeninger - nyc actor

A Modern, Mid-town Manhattan Studio

Who (participants):

Actors 18 years & over


April 2015

Series A - Mondays 4/13, 20, 27 & May 5th
(All classes 6PM - 9PM)

Series B - Tuesdays 4/12, 21, 28 &May 5th
(All classes 6PM - 9PM)

Lead instructor and guest advisers' participation does not connote offers of employment or representation to class participants.

By clicking on the payment button you agree to the
Registration Agreement / Cancellation Policy

Select Series & Plan (Installment or Full)
Phone (required):
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PayPal Membership is NOT required. Credit, debit, and e-checks are accepted via PayPal's secure server.





KEN MELAMED - (Agency Owner / Partner - Bret Adams, Ltd.) has been a talent agent for three decades. He joined Bret Adams, Ltd as a Senior Legit Agent. Upon Bret Adams' retirement Ken ascended to agency owner and partner. His clients range from well known stars and celebrities, major award-winning actors and nominees including Tony, Emmy, and Oscar nods to representing developmental career actors appearing in major film, television and theatrical projects. Bret Adams, Ltd. is one of the industry's most enduring agencies serving artists for nearly forty years.


Success Stories: Ken has called back, and signed, many actors from Paul Russell's Master Classes. Judy's feedback to actors is always insightful.


BERNADETTE McBRINN - (Senior Legit Agent – Avalon Artists Group) runs the New York office of this truly bi-coastal agency. Avalon Artists Group’s clients appear in TV and film projects shot on both coasts including but not limited to: ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, GOSSIP GIRL, LAW & ORDER: SVU, 30 ROCK, DAMAGES, & RESCUE ME. Clients also appear in nearly all Broadway productions, and work in the major regional theaters as well. When Avalon Artists participated in a prior panel for Paul Russell actors were called back and are now signed with the agency!.

Success Stories: This is Bernadette McBrinn's first appearance on the panel of Paul Russell's Master Class. Avalon Artists has been represented on the panel before and called back and signed actors.


MEG PANTERA (Talent Agency Owner / Agent ) has been an agent for 20 plus years covering TV, film, theater, and soaps. Her clients appear in but not limited to TV: HOSTAGES, THE KNICK, ELEMENTARY, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, THE HINTERLANDS, HOMELAND, BLUE BLOODS, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, PERSON OF INTEREST, DAMAGES, THE GOOD WIFE, NURSE JACKIE, LAW & ORDER SVU, MERCY, 30 ROCK, and GOSSIP GIRL; FILM: PRECIOUS, CHOKED, BURN AFTER READING, MICHAEL CLAYTON and many small indie films; B’WAY: ONCE, MATILDA, BEAUTIFUL, AMERICAN IDIOT, THE LAST SHIP, JERSEY BOYS , ANYTHING GOES, WICKED, LION KING, and many more. Clients from The Agency work in all the major regional theaters as well...

Success Stories: Meg Pantera has called back and signed actors from Paul Russell's Master Classes.


PAUL RUSSELL; casting director, director, and author of ACTING: Make It Your BusinessHow to Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a Working Actor (Random House/Back Stage Books) has 30 years experience in entertainment that includes film, TV and Broadway. He began his career journey as a successful working actor.

As an independent casting director, he has cast for major studios including Twentieth Century Fox, HBO, Warner Brothers plus casting for New York and regional theater.

As an SDC director Russell has directed at Tony award-winning L.O.R.T. theaters and Off-Broadway productions.

He has taught master classes on acting and the entertainment business on the campuses of America’s finest performing arts schools including: NYU, Yale, Elon, Temple University, Wright State University, Florida Southern College, Illinois Wesleyan University, The University of The Arts, Emory & Henry College, Oakland University, Louisiana State University, James Madison University, and Northeastern University.

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"I just came from a class with my seniors and I expect your ears were burning for the last hour or so- they LOVED this weekend and all you gave them, so THANKS from me. We will want to bring you back again.

In just a few days, you had a big impact here - so tell those NYU students to appreciate what they have in you - We certainly do!"

Fredrick J. Rubeck
Department Chair and
Professor of Performing Arts
Elon University

"I got called back, met and signed with the team at Judy Boals Inc.!

I booked my first two co-stars on network television... LAW & ORDER: SVU and HOSTAGES. And just this week, I booked my third co-star on CBS’ UNFORGETTABLE I now have the tools to move forward confidently in my career and towards my dreams.
I am so grateful!"!"

Erica Camarano
actress - nyc

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to see us at Elon.

"...thank you for coming and teaching your master classes at Illinois Wesleyan. It was probably one of the most intensive things I've ever done and was definitely worthwhile. Right now I have twenty-two pages of notes and a fifteen minute recording from your lessons! ...these are probably some of the best notes I've taken all year." 

Julia Chicchino
Illinois Wesleyan University

"I absolutely loved your class, which I highly recommend to anyone. I learned so much in such a short time.

Since taking the class I have booked two more commercials, including one that I was directly called in for by the CD.

I feel 100% more professional and goal orientated!"

Artie Brennan
actor - nyc

"Paul's lecture at Temple University was an incredibly informative session where he illustrated key points on how undergraduate theatre students such as myself can better prepare for successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Mr. Russell skillfully commanded an audience of almost 200 students and gave us invaluable tips and advice as to the realities of such a competitive profession."

RJ McGee
Temple University

"Thank you for bringing your wisdom and advice to our students. I am so glad we were able to bring you back, and it is my wish to continue to do so."

Greg Hellems
Associate Professor - Acting/Musical Theatre
Wright State University

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing all of your wisdom with us at Illinois Wesleyan! It was a life changing experience and I definitely look at the business of theatre in a whole new light. I feel like I can conquer the world and any audition after learning everything you taught us.

On Sunday, I applied some of your audition techniques, and it worked to my advantage - I got a callback! I just want to let you know I think very highly of you, and your passion for actors is really inspiring. Simply changing my scene made the world of a difference, and really showed that you cared and wanted me to succeed. The business needs more people like you! I really hope our paths cross again soon, and that we will stay in contact. You rock!"

Evan Dolan
Illinois Wesleyan University

Thank you! I know that the students received a lot of important information from you!

It was both humbling and invigorating for them. I will be doing all that I can to make sure they stay on top of all that you have taught them!

I hope that we can have you return again! I know that what you have to offer cannot be said enough. I feel as if I cannot thank you enough, but thank you!

Joseph W. Mason
Instructor | Musical Theatre
Department of Theatre & Dance
Southeast Missouri State University

"It was great to have you here!  The students got a lot out of it and enjoyed getting to meet you.

I look forward to seeing you again soon." 

Cindy Melby Phaneuf, PhD
Isaacson Professor of Theatre
Department of Theatre
University of Nebraska - Omaha

"Paul, and thank you. It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience for the students, and we will most certainly be inviting you back in the future."

Kenneth L. Stilson, Professor
Acting/Directing/Musical Theatre
Department of Theatre & Dance
Southeast Missouri State University

"It was wonderful having you visit with our students here at UCO. I look forward to seeing you again."

Daisy Nystul, Chair
Department of Theatre Arts
University of Central Oklahoma

"Thanks again for talking to my students.  They loved you! 

It was great meeting you, and we'd love to have you back as a featured speaker next year." 

James Ligon
Professor of Performing Arts
Montclair State University

"I enjoyed our talks and certainly profited from your classes. We’ve already incorporated many of your suggestions in our “Audition” class. I do hope we can bring you back soon."

Dr. Robert McGill, Professor
Department of Theatre Arts
University of Central Oklahoma

"Thank you for taking time out of your day to share with our membership your wisdom and humor!  It was a truly wonderful evening and I am so happy you've been brought into the SAG Foundation family.

If you are ever on the west coast, please let me know.  We'd be more than happy to host an evening with you there too! Also, thank you for the signed books, and for the shout out on Facebook and for...oh geez...just thank you!" 

Stacey Jackson
Director of Special Events
SAG Foundation

"Thanks so much for coming to Wright State again this year to work with us. I hope Joe Deer invites you back for years to come--your expertise and advise is invaluable I feel like a pro now as I enter the "real world"!"

Ian Benjamin
Wright State University

""I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to see us at Elon.

Your workshop gave me a lot of answers I didn't know I even had questions for.  I am so thankful to have had you here and I wish you the absolute best as you've given me nothing less than that.  A reminder to us all: Don't lose the child. Never lose the child." 

Sarah Nutt
Elon University

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SKYPE Sessions - Affordable Private Acting Career Classes Anywhere. Anytime.*


"Skyping with Paul is so productive. He is an amazing teacher!

So much information and communication is given to you.
Paul gives a lot, and this is all very special."

Kimberly Dorsey
Paul Russell's Studies for Actors student

Affordable, private, live, acting career advice:Great for busy actors. Actors outside of New York. And actors who prefer the comfort of their home or neighborhood coffee shop.

Your choice to fit your needs: Career consultation. Audition coaching. Marketing make-over. Or thespian ‘therapy.’ Casting director, director and author of ACTING: Make It Your Business, Paul Russell will come to you live via any digital device globally as he has done with actors in LA, Chicago, and Europe including working with a class of acting students in Germany. Great also for NYC area actors who don't want to trudge to a studio to work with Paul.


30 minutes private world-wide: $35


60 minutes private world-wide: $55

  • You set the time

  • You set the place

  • You set the goals

  • Paul comes to you

  • Any digital device

Discount for Multiple SKYPE™ Sessions:

Multiple SKYPE Sessions are great for: Long-term Career Counseling, How to Better Market as an Actor, Understanding Your Brand & Type, Self-Esteem Support, and Bettering Audition Skills

Registration Below


what people are saying...

"Paul Russell's constructive criticism,
and reality of the acting profession
is uniquely detailed
and incredibly truthful."

-- BERNARD TELSEY casting director
(Smash, Sex & The City: The Movie, Wicked)

"This business is full of shysters, con-artists and souls so jaded
art will sadly never reach them;
you however are the Real McCoy.

Beneath your gruff exterior, staunch professionalism and hard-ass perfectionism is a charismatic,
discerning and inspired genius."


"I really don’t know how to say how grateful I am for everything over the past few weeks— thank you is not enough!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my career make-over.”



SKYPE - Registration

All you need is a digital device, Internet, and a free SKYPE™ account. (A link for the free SKYPE™ download will be offered after registration.)

  • Choose 30 mins, 60 min.s or a discounted bundle of multiple sessions.

  • Within 24hrs. of your registration Paul will contact you personally to arrange an online session that matches your schedule, and ask what are your needs.

Note: All times are based on Eastern Standard Time, New York City (EST). Actors located within outside time zones should calculate their desired local time to coincide with Eastern Standard Time (Need help converting time zones? Click on: Time Zone Calculator)


Choose Session:
One 30 min. Skype™ Session @ $35
One 60 min. Skype™ Session @ $55
Three 30 min. Skype™ Sessions @ $90
Three 60 min. Skype™ Sessions @ $150  

Non-members of Intuit Payment Can Pay Via the "Make payment without creating an account" Link On The Payment Page
After Using the "Purchase" Button Above

*After registration participants will be contacted via e-mail to specify day(s), start and end times that accommodate both the participant and Paul Russell. In the event a participant is seeking an immediate session within 48 hours of registering and Paul is not available, funds will be transferred back to the registrant. All other sales are final.

By clicking on the above payment button you agree to the Registration Agreement / Cancellation Policy



what people are saying...

"Paul Russell, gives it to you straight and honest, but without being destructive to your actor's soul. "

Cologne, Germany
(SKYPE Student)

"I teach at the International Film School in Cologne. I had a fantastic group of 10 German actors.

We were fortunate to have Paul Russell, via Skype, to talk with the actors about working in the US.

Paul in his usually direct but very caring manner toward actors, shared with them his many years of experience as a casting director and director.

The actors also had the opportunity to pose questions to Paul which he answered in his animated, humorous way.

Thank you Paul! It was a very informative, helpful, interactive and fun evening!"

Cologne, Germany
(actress & instructor)

"Paul helped me with my audition at my home here in Chicago from his office in New York.

Without his caring and insightful guidance I wouldn't have had a successful audition!

I got the part!

Thanks Paul!"

Chicago, IL
(SKYPE student)


Private Classes - One-on-One with Paul

"This business is full of shysters, con-artists and souls so jaded art will sadly never reach them; you however are the Real McCoy.

Beneath your gruff exterior, staunch professionalism and hard-ass perfectionism is a charismatic, discerning and inspired genius. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the good sense to trust you... "

Nicole Poole - actress
Paul Russell's Studies for Actors student

How Paul can help you...

Paul offers several options for private classes.

  • Career Coaching with Audition Technique (3 classes over three weeks) details

  • Single Session Coaching for Audition Prep and/or Career Counseling


what people are saying...

"After years of being an aimless actor I’m thankful for your seminar and its motivating affects.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was extremely pleased to find someone who wasn’t just cashing a check in the name of networking. Your desire to help actors is evident to all and if I may speak for many others, we very much appreciate it."


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge to all actors in an egoless manner.

The world needs generous people like you. You're a devoted teacher, casting director, and artist for the theatrical community. "



Career Coaching w/Audition Technique (3 weeks)
Actors 18 Years of Age & Over

What do you need? Paul can customize one-hour intensives held over three consecutive weeks that will focus on your needs and/or the following:

  • Get Career Coaching to Break-Through Barriers

  • Discover with Paul a Marketing Make-over for both Your Hard-copy and Digital Materials

  • Discover How to Best Approach Find / Work with an Agent

  • Perfect Your Audition Skills / Script Analysis One-on-One with Paul

  • Refine Interview Strategies for Meetings with Directors & Talent Reps

The One-On-One series provides the actor with Paul's undivided attention as your private counsel. Paul knows how to market a career in entertainment. He also understands how actors can excel in auditions. As a working casting director, director and an industry-insider who was once an actor he knows the job market and the stresses an actor faces daily. With Paul as your coach he'll work with you privately to overcome challenges you feel are challenging your momentum and propel you forward.

A Modern, Mid-town Manhattan Studio

April 2015

Series A - Mondays 4/13, 20, & 27
(All classes 4 PM - 5 PM)

Series B - Tuesdays 4/14, 21, & 28



Choose Series:
Enter Telephone No. (required)

By clicking on the above payment button you agree to the Registration Agreement / Cancellation Policy


Single Sessions w/Paul

Whether in person or via SKYPE™:

  • You want to prepare for an important audition...

  • Work on your skill set...

  • Hone your interview skills for when standing / sitting before casting decision makers or for when meeting with perspective representation...

  • Or seek guidance on career issues...

From experience earned from both sides of the audition table Paul understands what the gate-keepers of work respond to... plus what actor audition / interview skills and behavior wins an actor representation, call-backs and most importantly... jobs.

"Thank you very much for all the insights and guidance you gave me during our three week sessions.

Though your expertise and advice was excellent, what I shall remember most was your support, encouragement and honest appraisal of me – Jorge; not just my work but the ‘person’ you got to meet and experience. Thank you for your generosity and kindness!"



$69 per hour


$110 for two consecutive hours.

Either in person in a modern, Mid-town, Manhattan studio or via SKYPE™. The choice is at your comfort.
Contact Paul via the contact page. Include your needs, length of session(s) one or two hours. Together a schedule will be accommodated.
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